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Changing Career

career centre
Thinking about a career change? It can sometimes be difficult to work out whether you just need a new challenge, or if it’s time to take a completely different direction.
Thinking about what you’ve achieved in your career so far can be a good place to start. Success means different things to different people, but you may want to consider whether you’ve:
  • enjoyed the challenges you’ve met in your work
  • been promoted in line with your talents
  • achieved a salary that lets you live the way you want
  • built up expertise in your line of work
  • made an impact - within your organisation, or more widely
  • earned the respect of clients, customers and colleagues
Working out whether your current job has let you achieve the level of success you want should give you an idea of whether it’s time for a change.

If you think a career change could benefit you, you’ll need to decide whether you want:
  • a new role in your current organisation
  • a change of employer
  • a completely different career

Asking yourself some of the following questions may help you to work this out.
If you’ve recently stopped enjoying the day-to-day activities in your job, consider what may be behind this - you may just be bored and need a new challenge. You may want to think about moving to a different department within your organisation - or to a different employer.

If you actively dislike parts of your day-to-day job - or you don’t get the chance to use all of your talents - ask yourself whether what you do is typical for someone in your line of work. If you’re dissatisfied with the job itself, changing department or employer may not improve things. You may want to consider a more radical change.
How do you get on with colleagues, managers, clients and others in your work place?

Consider whether any problems are due to personality clashes with particular individuals, the culture of the workplace - or because of the nature of the job itself.

If you like the people you work with but are frustrated by the actual work, you may want to look at changing your role within the organisation - or looking for a different role with a similar employer.
If you’re looking for a better fit with your family life, a change of job isn’t always necessary..
Technology is making it possible for more people to spend time working from home.
Bear in mind that you may have the right to ask your employer to make arrangements for flexible working (though they can refuse if there’s a good business reason to do so).