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Interview Skills Questions

career cenre
Below is the goverment top interview tips. An interview is a discussion between you and an employer to find out if you can do the job. However, there are certain rules and conventions to follow in interviews. Here's a checklist of the main do's and don'ts.
  • Always dress smartly, look bright, fresh and attentive. Speaking clearly and confidently will give an impression that you are someone who will be a good communicator. It’s a fact that only 7% of any interviewer's opinion of you is formed by what you say. The other 93% is judged on how you look, act and sound.
  • It’s a good idea to find out where the venue is beforehand. Make plans on how to get there and how long it takes to travel either by car or public transport.
  • Choose your outfit make it ready the night before.
  • Find out what type of interview it will be and who will be attending.
  • Examine the person specification in detail and your CV/application form. Think about what type of questions they will ask you and be ready with your answers.
  • Preparing your answers for the main questions is good practise and will see you in good stead. Some key questions to prepare for are – “Why do you want this job “? “What are your strengths and weaknesses”? “What do you see as the main tasks in this job”? “Where do you think you will best influence the role “?
  • Make about three or four points for each answer if possible.
  • Try to quote real examples of when you have used certain skills in the workplace. Actions speak louder than words.
  • Take your time when answering the questions and give you yourself as much time as you can to think of a good answer. If you rush into things without putting thought to it you may find yourself waffling.
  • You need to sell yourself as if you where trying to sell a product. Being positive about yourself and your experiences will give interviewers a sense that you are a capable individual.
  • Have questions prepared to ask at the end of the interview and use it as an opportunity to find out more about the role, the company and the manger you will be working under.
  • When it comes to discussing salary make sure you know your worth and start by going in a little higher than the offer. That way there is room for negotiations.
  • Try to get feedback on your performance and whether you were successful or not
  • Always turn off your mobile! Treat the interviewers with respect and give them your undivided attention at all times. A ringing mobile will be a massive turn off.
  • Keep your answers focused on what you can offer the employer, not what they can offer you.
  • Be late.
  • Ask about money or perks.
  • Never swear or use slang words.
  • Don't slouch.
  • Do not yawn or do anything else that makes you look disinterested
  • Never lie! The interviewer may see through you. Even if you get the job, your employer can dismiss later.
  • Try not to be nervous. A few nerves are normal and understandable but extreme nerves will affect your performance.
  • Do not show any sign of arrogance. Nothing turns off employers more.
  • Don't discuss controversial topics such as religion or politics
  • Never read from notes you made beforehand or references from your CV. You should be familiar enough with your own history and doing this may indicate you are telling a few porkies!
  • Don't criticise former employers or colleagues. You may be marked down as a gossip or even worse a trouble maker.
These rules apply for most job interviews. In certain cases some employers can use more relaxed and informal interviewing techniques. Above all being confident and having excellent preparation is the key to performing well in interviews. By researching the role and organisation and preparing evidence and examples of your skills and competencies it should not be long before you land that dream job!